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Candice Bradley custom tattoo artist Crested Butte, Colorado

Meet Candice Bradley, Colorado Tattoo Artist


Meet The Artists

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Candice Bradley, owner & tattoo artist 

Candice started tattooing in Colorado Springs in 2011. As the owner of Calico Queen, she values a mix of illustrative, neo-traditional, and traditional styles. She specializes in color work, black work, as well as black and gray work. Candice prefers to do original work and is happy to do American Traditional, Japanese Traditional or Illustrative flash designs.  Ask about custom pieces, walk-ins, flash, wall art, tribal, lettering and more. 

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Alex Stevenson, tattoo artist


Alex began his apprenticeship at Calico Queen in the Spring of 2016. His style is in constant development and evolution. Nature-inspired, animals, winter, and geometric artwork are at the heart of Alex's design aesthetic.